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ESS Performance bring years of experience to the table, offering quality car diagnostics, ECU remapping, window tints, vinyl wraps, buff & polish, detailing and used car sales across the North West.

Our Mechanic Services: Welcome


ESS Performance are on-hand seven days a week to discuss and book any vehicle services. Our mobile services include:

Our Services: Elevate Your Ride

  1. Custom Coding: Tailored software solutions to enhance performance, features, and connectivity of your vehicle.

  2. Remaps: Fine-tuning engine parameters to maximize horsepower, torque, and overall performance.

  3. Alloy Wheels:  Elevate your wheels to pristine perfection with our premium alloy refurbishment expertise.

  4. Tints and Wraps: Enhance aesthetics and privacy with high-quality window tints and custom vinyl wraps.

  5. Detailing: Expert detailing maintenance services to keep your vehicle in top condition.

  6. Used Car Sourcing: Assistance in finding and acquiring the perfect pre-owned vehicle to match your preferences.

To arrange vehicle bookings, please provide your vehicle details, preferred date, and services needed, ensuring a seamless scheduling process with us 


We understand that whether you're a car modifier or not, getting the most out of your vehicle is important to help ensure it runs efficiently, keeps its value and save money. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.   

Our Mechanic Services: About
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Vehicle Detailing

Vehicle detailing involves a thorough cleaning & restoration process, enhancing both interior & exterior to achieve a pristine and polish appearance.

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Including fault-finding, electrical work, performance improvements, and efficiency optimisations.

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Aiming for something specific out of your car? Book in for a custom remap.

Our Mechanic Services: Services
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"I booked in a remap for my R32 with ESS Performance and received incredible service from the two lads I met. I’ve noticed such a large difference in my fuel consumption as well as the power of my car itself."

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Our Mechanic Services: Text
Our Mechanic Services: Pro Gallery
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We appreciate your feedback


If you've recently used our mobile mechanic services, please leave us some feedback on how we did! We're always aiming to improve our services and would love to hear how you found your experience with us.

Our Mechanic Services: Text
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07853 365677

Call us today

For vehicle detailing, window tints, car engine tuning and garage services in Preston, look no further than ESS Performance.

Available 9am - 9pm 

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